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We are a community of Christians who strive to live out our discipleship,

honouring our baptismal covenant,

in faithful relationship to the world around us,

to one another,

and to God.

As followers of Jesus Christ we honour goodness, loving care,

the liberation of the enslaved,

standing in solidarity with the poor,

in a world of diversity and complexity which God has made.

We see ourselves as partners in creation,

stewards of Gods gifts,

and bearers of hope for the future.

We are not alone.

This vision we strive for is given form and shape through frequent worship,

music, spiritual growth, study, fellowship, sharing of food,

education, community outreach and interest groups,

all carried out with a sense of celebration and joy,

honouring the newcomer,

the seeker and the sojourner.

Nothing is impossible with God!

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